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5 tips to help you reach your savings goals

Saving money is a very important part of any healthy personal finance management strategy. Picture: Jcomp/Freepik

As we are in the season of spring, it is the perfect time for people to review their finances and if they haven’t already done so, get their financial planning in order by starting to save money.

Know your savings goals

Set savings goals so you will have an idea in mind of what you are saving towards, and you will stay motivated to stick to your savings goals. Your savings goals can be a short-term savings goal like gifts for your child’s birthday or a long-term savings goal such as a holiday or a new car.

Motlatsi Mkalala, head of main markets at Standard Bank said: “Setting goals will make the process of saving much easier because you will know what you are saving your money towards. It will also prevent you from being tempted to spend your money unnecessarily.”

Monitor your expenses

Track your expenses from that cup of coffee to your monthly subscriptions, and how much data you purchase. This will help you see how much you spend and will give you an idea of what you need to cut down on. Any money that you save on reducing your expenses can be put towards your savings.

Take a closer look at your bank statement

Reviewing your bank statement to see what your monthly expenses are. This will help you identify what is causing your monthly expense leakage. Once you what the leakages are, you can channel more funds towards your financial goal.


If you have a budget, make room in your budget for savings. Your monthly budget can take into account the money you have freed up by cutting down on your expenses.

According to Ester Ochse, product head: FNB Money Management, having a budget allows you to have a look at where you can free up cash that can be saved for an emergency.

Extra contributions

If your finances allow for it, make a little extra contribution towards your savings so you can meet your savings goal faster.

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