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In the credit industry, a credit score is a statistical measure of a consumer's ability to repay debt. In order to determine a borrower's ability to repay his or her debt, lenders use credit scores. The higher your credit score the easier it becomes for financial institutions to come to decision to give you credit. Furthermore, the better for you in terms of getting cheaper credit (low interest rates). A higher credit score entitles a person to lower interest rates on credit.

Payment history and credit utilisation ratio are the most critical in credit score factors among other factors such as length of credit history, types of credit. When calculating credit scores, it has been reported that payment history and credit utilization ratio carry up to 65% of weight . All the other factors such as length of credit history and types of credit can carry weight on average of 10% each.

The following will negatively impact your credit score:

  • Reversing debit orders

  • Short paying your accounts

  • Poor payment history

  • High credit utilisation ratio – For example, every R100 extended to you must utilise less than R35.

  • Defaulting on a payment

  • Not paying your accounts timely

Having a good understanding of your credit status is essential, especially if you're planning to apply for any financial assistance. Telepro Consultants can pull your credit report and you’ll get an in-depth view of how much debt you have and assess your credit worthiness.

With our help, we could boost your credit score and save you monthly income!

An average client saves up to R4,550 per month once they under debt mediation when they apply with us. What would you do if you could save an extra R4,550 every month?

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