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What is Debt Review Cancellation?

Let’s recap on what debt review cancellation is:

Debt review cancellation is a when you as a consumer have been placed under debt review by either your creditors due to not being able to pay your accounts properly and there are arrears also added to your debt or you as a consumer joined a debt review company.

Why you would place yourself under debt review?

If you have a car loan or home loan you would want to place yourself under debt review to protect your car or home from being repossessed by the Bank, that’s one of the benefits of placing yourself under debt review, for protection of your assets incase of a rainy time in your financial life, debt review will give you a manageable payment plan for your debts. One of the benefits of debt review is that you have one fixed payment made and also reduced monthly payment towards your debts while being under debt review.

What can Telepro Consultants do for you as a consumer?

Telepro consultants is a company that is aiming the South African consumers to be financially stable and active in the financially Market. The vision is to create a well and healthy financial and debt free life.

· We mediate the client’s accounts so that they could spend less on them.

· We improve the client’s credit profile and credit score.

· We remove the client’s under debt review.

· We bringing back financial stability and freedom back to the consumer.

Once the process of removing your name under debt review , you as the consumer will receive a clearance certificate indicating you are no longer under debt review. Meaning you can take out loans and open accounts , a fresh start to your financial dream state .

We take pride in our work and ensuring that each and every client that we assist is left with the best results. Our aim is to produce the best and effective results for our clients. For further on details please do make the time to call in and speak to one of our qualified financial advisors.

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