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Debt Review status removal with Telepro



Have you been flagged for Debt review or Administration and now you trying to go on with your life but you can`t because everywhere you go you are being turned down due to your flagged status?


At Telepro Consultants we help consumers remove their Debt Review flag from the credit bureaus so that they can have access to credit again. At the lowest cancellation fee possible in South Africa our services are 100% guaranteed .


What would you need to be able to pull this off if you weren’t doing this through us?


You would need a very healthy bank balance firstly. Attorneys that specializes in this type of matter usually charge a small fortune, then you also run the risk of dealing with a company that is not as good as us in being able to prep and motivate the release of you from Debt review or Administration accordingly.

What would happen if you did it through us?

You would be placed under our legal litigation cover whereby we would cover up to 50% of your cancellation fee after your very first payment you'll also receive legal protection against repossession and judgment giving you peace of mind and financial freedom. We would then hand over your file to our specialized attorneys where they would prep and motivate the release of your Debt review or Administration accordingly and quickly as possible. At Finlife we believe people should never just be a number on a file. They have families to take care of and lives to lead.

If you are under Debt Review and you want your name to be removed from Debt Review and some of the above reasons apply to your circumstances you may send us an email or simply click the link below to complete the application form and our consultant will contact you ASAP.

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