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Are you struggling with removing your name from Debt Review?


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Have you been flagged for Debt review or Administration and now you trying to go on with your life but you can`t because everywhere you go you are being turned down due to your flagged status?


At Telepro Consultants in partnership with Debt Review Cancellation Legal Firm we help consumers remove their Debt Review flag from the credit bureaus so that they can have access to credit again. At the lowest cancellation fee possible in South Africa our services are guaranteed .

Clear Debt Review Record & Improve your Credit Score

What we do?

We assist in cases where you are no longer over indebted or where you have been wrongfully placed under debt review. 

Let us offer our assistance with our panel of experts who will investigate your case to ensure that the correct legal process has been followed during your debt review application 

Removal Process

In most of our investigated cases , we have found that the debt review process was not followed correctly ,which notably forms the basis of our case to remove you from the process.

You shouldn’t remain excluded from the advantages that others have if you have:

  1. Wrongly been placed under debt review.

  2. No longer over-indebted and can afford to pay all your debt at the normal installments each month.

  3. Paid up all your accounts that was under debt review.

For a free investigation into whether you qualify for a debt review removal click apply now.


Sima & James Thembi

We were so stressed out about being under debt review and didn't know where to turn. But after contacting Debt Review Cancellation Center, we felt like a weight had been lifted off our shoulders. They explained everything clearly and helped us make a plan to become debt review free

cd750e76-3b10-41aa-bd21-0dcf419403a1 (1).JPG

Ntombi Kolisi

Never thought I would be able to get out of debt review, but this company proved me wrong. They were with me every step of the way, answering all my questions and offering guidance. Thanks to them, I am now on the road to financial freedom

IMG_6769 (1).jpg

Siya Ndlovu

Thanks to debt review cancellation center I finally feel like I have control over my finances again. Their team was so supportive and helped me with my debt review status. I couldn't have done it without them!

Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000

Phone: 021 569 2109

WhatsApp : 078 751 3725

We're looking for talented, passionate folks to join our team.

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