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One improves their credit score by identifying which elements from their credit history are having the greatest impact so that they can take appropriate action.

Below we will give a scenario and the appropriate remedial action.

Huge debt – If you owe too much debt it is important to keep your credit utilisation ratio on your account to less than 40%. This can be achieved by paying down debt strategically.

Payment history – Paying your bills on time, every month is one of the most important contributors to a good credit score. As a result of your credit report, you will be able to determine which of your accounts have not been paid in full. You should then ensure that all of your outstanding installments are paid in full. If you are unable to then you could always contact Telepro Consultants and we could assist you with your credit score and boost your credit score.

Important points to note

In certain circumstances, applying for credit through multiple lenders at the same time could be viewed negatively since it may indicate that you are taking on additional debt or that your financial situation has significantly changed.

Pay off any amounts owing from negative information on your credit report such as judgements or administrative orders from the courts.

Financial health checks are important as well limiting the number of enquiries to one per year because you leave a footprint on each and every enquiry.

Telepro Consultants can pull your credit report and you’ll get an in-depth view of how much debt you have and assess your credit worthiness. Contact our debt counselling experts today on (021) 569 2109 or send us an email at or you can complete our free call back form and one of our consultants will call you back.

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